Personalized training -- but with a small group of friends (3-6). Custom Small Group is a win all around! The cost to you decreases, while you're able to receive individual guidance and programming. We work on form and function, play games, conquer challenges and meet individual and group goals.  We focus on your individual progress through benchmark tracking and increasing intensity as you and your group improve your strength and endurance.


We are able to train on location, or at our studio.  Call or email us to design a program that works with and for you.

Your Training is not limited to training sessions!  Being a part of Transform Nation includes:

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Personal Progress Tracking

  • Personal Goal Setting

  • Earned T-shirt (after 18 sessions)

  • Inclusion in all Transform Nation EVENTS - Summer cookout, Winter gala, yoga & coffee days, guest coaching days and more!


— Kelly Becker,

Bootcamp Member,


"Johanna provides  workouts that kick your butt, sometimes without you knowing. She has the ability to tailor a workout to your individual needs, (bum knee in my case), and also provide the help and support you need along the way"

'"Johanna is a wonderful coach- she is tough, but you can tell that it’s out of love. I have never felt this good or strong!"

—Mary Barta,

Bootcamp Member,