It's Drive, Not Goal-Setting

Goal-setting is not inherently bad; I'm not writing to knock a good goal. As a fitness professional, I simply want to acknowledge that goals have a place and that place is not easily accessible when you're in the heat of a challenging workout. Goals may get you to show up -- and that is HUGE, but "I want to get into that size 8 by August 30th" doesn't always motivate you to finish a set when you're legs are sore or you feel winded.

What I'm asking you to do, is to find what really drives you and see how that measures up next to your physical goals. For example, I want to have energy to keep up with my four kids and I do in fact, maintain that energy with the workouts I do. But when I'm close to quitting my fourth set of 15 squats, I have to dig deeper than that. I channel the will I have for my daughters to see their mother be strong and exude strength so that they can apply that to their own femaleness. And equally as true, I want other women to see that it's possible (nay, completely reasonable and doable) to be healthy and strong and badass every day. The key, my friends, is to not stop. You are woman - you have grit, and tenacity and strength. I am SO looking forward to seeing you all in ONE WEEK!

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