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ACCEPT A CHALLENGE: Every workout should have a challenge -- a bar set so that you have something to reach for.  This will make each workout gratifying!


WORKOUT WITH FRIENDS. We all want friend time - -make it dual purpose by working out together.


TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: What's more motivating than seeing your results? Choose three exercises that measure your strength and endurance, i.e. Push-ups, squats, high knees.  Record how many you can do in one minute. 6 weeks into your fitness journey, do them again and see how many more you can do!


GET REWARDED: Lot's of health insurance companies are paying attention...and paying members money for staying active.  You could also find a group that has rewards built in. (btw's, Transform Nation Bootcamp rewards 6 weeks commitment with a T-shirt. Not to mention all sorts of swag and random prizes throughout)


SUGAR COAT IT: Find a group or sport or movement that is fun - you might just blink and realize you got an hour's worth of movement!


START YOUR DAY WITH IT: When you start your day with a workout, you're more likely to not spend your day dreading having to fit it in. Bonus here: when you start your day with a major health-win, you're more likely to stay on track the remainder of the day with your diet.


HIRE SOMEONE TO PLAN YOUR EXERCISE: If you invest $$ into exercise you've just given yourself a double win.  1.) You spent money - you will feel bad (and you might get some flack from your spouse) if you don't follow through.  2.) Hired professionals know how to get you results.  You can be confident that the work you put in will change you.