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We help busy people become confident in their bodies and build strength from the inside out.


Whatever your style, fitness level, or goal, we have a program to help you get where you want to be. We listen, we track, and we keep you motivated.

Spring brings our highly anticipated BOOTCAMP where games and relays make the workout fly by. Bootcamp runs April - October 2021 in Delavan, WI.

SMALL GROUP TRAINING gives you a more intimate fitness experience while saving you some money and keeping workouts fresh. Small Groups run year-round in Delavan, WI and on location with various companies throughout the county.

PERSONAL TRAINING is an all-in investment in yourself.  Our Personal Trainers create individual training programs specifically for you for each session.  Personal Training can be done at our location in Delavan or at your home.


If you're new to fitness -- AWESOME!  We're excited to be a part of your journey and we'd love to get to know you and your goals via a free online consultation.


Who We Are

Transform Nation is comprised of people just like you. The Nation is made up of parents, spouses, and hard-working people investing in, and improving themselves through our progressive fitness and wellness programming. Everyone who utilizes one of our services, becomes a part of the Nation!


We recognize that exercise is intimidating for many people so it has become our mission to make it accessible and approachable for everyone.  We're sensitive to the fact that everyone starts at their own level so we offer options for joining, including Small Group Training, Personal Training, MOM Fitness and Bootcamps. 


What sets us apart from traditional fitness programs, is that we truly want you to reach your goals, so our workouts are progressive and tailored to your, or your group's abilities. We text you before every session and follow up with you if you miss. We integrate nutrition and yoga and adventure trips too! You've got this -- and we've got you! 

"Bootcamp was a game-changer for me. I hadn’t kept up working out on my own and was looking for something new when a couple of friends encouraged me to give it a try...This isn’t just a group of people who work out together. This is a community of supportive people who lift each other up and challenge each other to be our best selves."

            - Kelly Becker, Founding Nation Member

What to Expect

We're offering COVID-compliant fitness options for everyone.

All of our training options include:






Transform Nation does not offer aerobics classes. Our programming is a progressive transformative process that includes various weight training, cardio, HIIT and skills training. We incorporate all of the most effective fitness training techniques and apply them according to your, or your group's ability, and increase according to your respective progress.


Our workouts kick off with dynamic stretching and a game to warm the muscles. Then, we employ the most effective methods of fat-burning, heart-strengthening HIIT work through FUN challenges and relays. At cool-down, we cover Q & A's about health and exercise while informing your body that it's time to relax. Every session is guaranteed to leave you energized and ready for an awesome day.


So if you’re looking for a way to feel amazing, looking to have more energy to keep up with your kids, or looking for the accountability you've been lacking, Transform Nation is your answer. We deliver so much more than a workout! Every day that we sweat together, we build a community of people transforming their lives for the better -- and it’s a lot of fun. 


Johanna, Owner/Coach

 Johanna is a mother of four, lover of all (well most) things edible, and a Certified Personal Trainer. She's been running bootcamps in Delavan, WI for the past five years and in the Chicagoland area for the two prior. She loves fitness for the outlet it has provided her and for the health and physical freedoms that she has experienced as a result of committing to it. Her deepest appreciation for fitness however is in having seen it empower countless others. She believes in its transformative power so much, that she is endlessly seeking ways to make it accessible to as many people as possible. She also knows that people are more likely to stick with exercise when they are sweating along side a friend, have proper reward systems in place, and feel accomplished... hence the bootcamp format.  But this program is much more.  Transform Nation is just that: a Nation of STRONG, EMPOWERED, MIGHTY folks who invest in themselves to BE their best selves -- and it transforms lives. 


Heather, Coach

Today is the best day to commit to better heath and the ONLY one who can make that happen, is you.  I will be the first to tell you that it IS a challenge and EVERY day gets easier!

Two years ago, I heard about Transform Nation starting a bootcamp so close to my home, that I couldn't find any good excuse not to join. I don't think I've made a better decision in my entire adult life.  The freedom I have found in my skin has been empowering and life-giving.  I am excited to do more things -- things I never thought I would do, and that is because I am physically strong and mentally empowered. 

I am a mother of two, an office manager, and am now an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a proud Transform Nation Coach.

I hope that you take a minute to consider loving yourself enough to look into this bootcamp, maybe find out when we have our 'bring-a-friend' day and try it for yourself <3


Becca, Coach

Hi! My name is Becca and I did my first sit-up at the age of 35. My fitness journey began after my 2nd child was born and I realized I needed to do something for myself.  I moved to Wisconsin and searched for the perfect class. I finally found Johanna three years ago. It was love at first class!  I have been a stay-at-home mom for four years and now home school, so the time I spend working on myself is more important than ever.  I am a baker and hope to one day have a 100% whole grain and naturally leavened (no yeast!) bakery.  I enjoy using produce grown on my farm and foraging for interesting bread flavors. My sourdough starter is 2 years old and named "burpee".  I named it after the first exercise I noticed I was stronger and better at! I love starting my day at bootcamp and hope you'll join us!


Meet the Coaches

2019 Bootcamp Winter Gala

2019 Bootcamp Winter Gala

Field Trip Friday

Field Trip Friday

Yoga and Coffee Day!

Yoga and Coffee Day!

Community Bootcamp Day 2018

Community Bootcamp Day 2018

Winter Bootcamp 2020

Winter Bootcamp 2020

Bootcamp Gala 2019

Bootcamp Gala 2019

Yoga and Coffee

Yoga and Coffee

Bootcamp Showdown with Families

Bootcamp Showdown with Families

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